Thursday, July 28, 2005

ArcWeb Services

Note to self: Why didn't I know about ArcWeb Services before? It's like Google Map construction on steroids with spatial data query and some useful geoprocessing. I still like the Google Map cartography anyway, but I think that ArcWeb MapStudio would be a useful alternative to "our primary dissemination" platform to utilize all of the data my office holds. Sorry Curious, you may have a cheaper alternative... Stop! Crunkie: geotagged moblog app for your phone. Schweet! Still, there's a website that uses the address that comes up as StreetHive that looks like it uses ArcWeb Services. Heads up: ArcWeb Services 2005 beta coming late August. Improved carto, speed, vector maps, new web learning site, custom map services, line/poly feature upload (GPS?) WiFi Location service (MSN VE?), enhanced geocoding, enhanced routing, NEW DATA!, and new access methods.

  • New carto styles via Nat'l Geographic.
  • Vector Mapping = Flash and SVG (AWESOME!) (Standard style sheets; multiple)
  • New ArcWeb Services website w/ detailed info and tools. (Yeah, I need to get on this boat and check it out.)
  • Federate an ArcIMS service using SOAP/REST to reference in an ArcWeb Service. Nice.
  • Create custom services: add/delete info, easy full control of map services
  • New tools for customization
  • Uploadable lines and polygons. I wonder how this works with GPS info?
  • WiFi location services equals waived rights for locating your mobile phone on ArcWeb Services to send SMS to the phones
  • Good routing and traffic info integration along with drive time info
  • Location of landlines in the U.S. and worldwide city level IP addresses (Where can I get this!?!) Uh-oh! The presenter is talking about tracking bloggers and outside visitors... Getting way too "Big Brother" on me. Gives me The Jibblies!
  • Hi-Res commercial imagery services and weather data worldwide (58K weather station and stats going back 30 years) Uff da.
  • New data. See above. (World 30M DEM info)
  • REST API! REST API! REST API! KICK ASS! (Digi, move from SOAP to REST.)
  • J2ME Toolkit
  • OpenLS API... Good.
Demo time. Google News?!? Now they're talking aobut reading news to identify places in ArcWeb Services... Interesting. Very interesting. If it can do this, then why ask for geoRSS? "Riddle me that Batman." New services: the pretty "slippy map" stuffs for web and mobile apps. Hmm... How can I create the killer app for the next two years and become independently wealthy? ArcWeb Services 2005 hi-fi Map Viewer with Flash/SVG on the fly pre-created map tiles and a wicked awesome widget viewer. Also some features to re-0rientate the map in the direction you're going. Excellent. My ESRI rep was right, ESRI wanted to get the slippy map right when it went off into the IMS world. This is some good stuffs. Ok, geeking out here. Going to get some coffee and power down. Actually, my butt fell asleep.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Streethive doesn't use ArcWeb services. It's build from scratch!

10/06/2005 12:18:00 PM  

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