Saturday, July 23, 2005

ESRI Man Purse

ESRI Man Purse Originally uploaded by Fantom Planet.
Ah, the ESRI Man Purse. A fine, fine, fine piece of machine and child made personal accessory. This Man Purse sports the lovely ESRI 25th Annual Users Conference logo along with a clear plastic pouch to keep your name tag and drink tickets in. An addtional feature is a mesh side pouch, which one ESRI employee noted, "is there to hold your water."* This is an excellent accessory if you are collecting ESRI swag at this year's ESRI Users Confernce. It is big enough to fit both John Wayne and Ted William's heads, but not big enough for or capable of carrying your map tube. (*Secretly deep down inside, I know they meant martini to go shaker.)


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