Tuesday, July 26, 2005

ESRI UC - Day 1 Wrap

Ok, ok, ok. So people of importance really do read this experiment in diahrea of the keyboard. Day one of the ESRI Users Confrence was a really interesting one. This being my second, an the first where I actually felt interested in listening to Jack and the rest of the presenters. Mostly due to the new "wide-body" design of the seating this year, as compared to last year's arrangement. Nonetheless, it was a good start with some new features and improvements to the ESRI product line, a few outstanding uses of ESRI products, and finally Dr. Goodall's keynote address. Then there are the rumor mills and the under the table stories. Ha! Do you really think that I am going to ruin my blog-a-listic career on spreading the filth of rumors? Ok, I will. Or not? Monday I learned about some cool news, but I would rather leave that to corporate communications teams and Jack. When I do hear news that is pretty cool, I'll post it, but if it's with a company that I work with or friends who give me the scoop. I really feel like posting that juicy information would be a breech of confidence with my business partners and friends. What is dude to do? Anyway, I'm sure you will hear all about it later in the geography rumor mill on the Exhibition Floor. If you're going to be at Dick's Last Resort for the meeting, I may fill you in. Then the hit squads will be on my butt.


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