Wednesday, July 27, 2005


Ok, kids. Time to strike your curiosity. What kind of resources do you need to create the second part of the changing Internet? Pssst. That's the geo-enabled hypertext. I wasn't there for Where 2.0, but I really want to know what kind things strike your fancy as wave of the future stuff like... AM Radio. Err... Geotagged RSS for placenames, addresses, and other "where's". Because I deal in both the Geo-Space and the Info-Space I want to merge the two to be able to use the Earth as the search engine and the common link between people, places, things, and time. I figure that GeoRSS is only as good as the gazetteer that you use, but that can be fixed. If you work in an interoperable environ, you should be able to use a tool like MetaCarta to read your hypertext to search for placenames, or you can manually enter them, and save your text in GeoRSS that can be read and aggrigated by a GeoRSS reader. Creating an output for ArcIMS/GIS, Google Earth, or whatever. Thus linking the text or multimedia to features on the Earth that will link you to other info near or about that place (and time.) I guess you would need to build a filter too? Nonetheless, what the heck needs to be done? Do you want me to pitch this on the exhibit floor today? Because I can. And I know people who would be very interested. If I do generate interest, we'll move onto resources needed. Just let me know. Please.


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