Saturday, July 09, 2005

GeoTagging and Plug-ins for Firefox

You know how I was talking about GeoURL's on Friday? Well, if you're a Firefox user there are extentions that will read the geographic information in your tags. So far I've only noticed Nearby and GeoURL. Both seem to use the "ICBM" feature of META, which came from the old Usenet mapping project for selecting missile targets. This is one way of tagging websites or content.

As for specific place names for a slippy map?
There are two projects that are indexing geotagged sites: GeoURL and GeoTags. GeoTag has its own format. Where GeoURL uses both the ICBM tag and GeoTag's format.
Then you have the info I sent you on Friday about the standardization effort for geotags after the Where 2.0 conference. Also, check out GeoBloggers. The guy who runs GeoBloggers recently posted this note about his experiment with GeoBloggers and Flickr. Supposedly, there are 30,000 images on Flickr, then there are 20,000 geotagged images that GeoBlogger knows of from Flickr. Now, 1 out of three? As they say in my native language, "Uff da."
Also note that GeoBloggers is utuilzing Google Earth to locate photos.
Think about where geotagging and the industry are going. Then think about how we want to drive it.

Shows you Flickr photos, provides GeoURL links and Degree Confluences nearby the website your viewing. Nearby sits on the status bar and lights up whenever the site your viewing has Geographical META data, if so clicking on the Earth logo in the status bar will take you to a page of photos. Here's an example page. Nearby is based on Redux's GeoURL extension.


Opens useful sites for pages geographically marked with ICBM or geo.position META tags. Changes from 0.2 to 0.3: - complete rewrite - user has a selection of geo sites in the context menu - through the options dialog, user can select their "preferred" site, which then becomes default for left-click of the statusbar button - completely removed redundant toolbar button

ICBM address: n.

(Also missile address) The form used to register a site with the Usenet mapping project, back before the day of pervasive Internet, included a blank for longitude and latitude, preferably to seconds-of-arc accuracy. This was actually used for generating geographically-correct maps of Usenet links on a plotter; however, it became traditional to refer to this as one's ICBM address or missile address, and some people include it in their sig block with that name. (A real missile address would include target elevation.)


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