Monday, July 25, 2005

Monkey Meat

I'm at the half-way point of Jane Goodall's keynote address at the ESRI UC and am watching a demonstration from one of Dr. Goodall's colleagues using GIS in the Gombe National Park in Tanzania. It's an interesting keynote, Dr. Goodall has noted that there were once over 1 million chimps in the park when she stared her studies, but there are now less than 150,000 chimps. That's an amazing stat if think about it. With local logging compainies building roads deep into once untouched African wilderness, they bring hunters who kill chimps for their exotic meat and parts. Ick. It's amazing that the economies of the world create such situations. I'm not from PETA (not People Eating Tasty Animals), but I am one who realizes how fragile our world is. I guess that is why Jack has Dr. Goodall on stage. Providing us with reasons why GIS and geographic science can help us manage our world. I really have drank the the Kool-Aid. Uff da.


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