Monday, July 25, 2005

Post Jack Planary

This morning Jack did his annual planary presentation to kick off the UC focusing on this year's theme about managing our world. Emphasizing data managment, the GeoWeb (which I am a big-big-big proponent of), and some new and upcoming ArcGIS 9.2 features. Most notably, ArcExplorer 9.2, which is friggin' awesome! AE 9.2 is the ESRI answer to Google Earth/Maps and MSN Virtual Earth. As a FREE tool, it provides the spatial query features that are typical of ESRI products reaching into multiple GeoWeb services that could consist of geodatabases, ArcWeb Services, or, I assume, OGC compliant services too. This is big news. I saw the founder, John Henke of Keyhole/Google Earth fame, in the audience earlier. I wonder what is running through his and the Google Earth team's mind after this presentation? As for the rest of Jack's presentation, I though it was good. The emphasis on the GeoWeb and the intergration of data - although through ESRI translation tools - is a step in the right direction. Anyway, gotta bail off to meet some friends. I'll post pics later.


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