Thursday, July 07, 2005

Slippy Maps Are Great. Now, How Do We Sell Them?

With the release of the Google & Yahoo! Map API's and the explosion of interest in such "slippy maps", how do we as geographers use this as a tool?  I'm agonizing to enhance information sharing and fusion in my bureaucracy, because I'm trying to find a damn good business case to justify geocoded text syndication, metadata & data interoperability, metadata & data quality, and cost of data conversion. How do I justify the need for resouces?
So far, I have examples like today's London bombing. Websites that fuse information together like and do work as good examples of how to make information multifaceted and important. Yet, does the managment really get it? Do your colleagues who are not geographers?  And! Do they know of all of the other working pieces behind the "slippy map?"
The Man Behind The Curtain, is extremely misunderstood.  Trying to convey interoperabiltiy and open sources is like pulling teeth. Simplification of the problem can be accomplished, but the high numbers pertaining to cost... That will get you tossed out of the room.
Anyway, I'm frustrated.
If you have any ideas. Let me know.


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