Thursday, July 28, 2005

UC Bloggers Meet-Up

Wednesday night I met up with the other geobloggers at the UC. What a great bunch of guys! Smart as heck, know their stuff, and just fun to hang with. One of the highlights of the night was that I may have turned Redlands on to kickball? If you don't know already, the ESRI folk are mad bowlers and from what it sounds like they're in need of a new fix. I know for a fact some of the ESRI peeps in DC are kickball players, but think of a Redlands division. We could have a UC kickball tourney next year. Of course, this is what will happen if we do:

  • Trimble and Leica teams survey the field
  • ESRI maps it
  • MetaCarta will know where it is in the invite
  • TeleAtlas liscenses the info where the field is
  • The Google Lidar guys bring their sharks with "lay-zers"
  • The SANZ guys bring the ducks and the drinks
  • DigitalGlobe will be photographing the tournement
  • Microsoft will hold their own kickball tournement on XBox
  • And, I'll probably end up umpiring
Anyway.... If you're interested in kickball in your area check out the World Adult Kickball Association's (WAKA) website.


Anonymous Steven Citron-Pousty said...

There are already adult kick ballers in redlands, though I don't know if they are from ESRI. I saw them on my daughter's playground a couple weeks back. I desperately wanted to join in. I remember playing in the gym on a rain day and getting the kickball in the basket was an automatic homerun - bring it!

It was great meeting you at the meet up.

7/30/2005 08:27:00 PM  

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