Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Decisions, Decisions: Master's Programs

Yesterday I was talking with James, via Google Talk, about what type of master's program I should look into applying for next year. Currently, I hold a B.S. in geography with certificates in "Geographic Information & Science", "Remote Sensing of Coastal Environments", and "Surveying" (half of my B.S. was civil engineering.) Then somewhere in my 180 credits of undergrad bliss I have a "cluster" in "Technology & Society." Well, this makes for an interesting dilemma for me. I have singled out three programs I am interested in, they being a master's in information systems (with CIO certification), a M.A. in geography, or a M.S. in security policy studies. Intially, the master's in geography is low on the totum pole since I feel that my undergrad degree could easily have been a master's if I was allowed to do all of my course work with the understanding that with three or four more pages I could have earned a master's. I wrote more than the master's students anyway. Then I came to the conclusion that I wanted to do something different, like security studies. Have you seen C-SPAN? To be successful you need at least twenty years in the field with a few books pimped on Imus in the Morning... Or, VerySpatial. Finally, with all of the project management stuff that I have been learning at work lately and my insane creativity to change the geospatial infrastructure of the world, I thought that I may want to look into an MIS (with CIO certification.) Now, the local program near by is pretty good and I could probably do more with the MIS than I could with the geography or security studies degrees anyway. Yet, I think that I am looking to do a master's in geography at some point in the future, but not before I get the MIS. I think that what I want to do is become the first official GIO in my office, but I think it is going to take earning the MIS. Shuushhh. Don't tell work. Of course, Paul would say that I would need to take ESL and learn how to spell before I would even apply for a master's program. So, if you folks out there in the GeoBloggosphere have any recommendations or comments I would like to hear them. I may take them seriously too.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes the MS in geography should be out. I made the mistake of getting a MS degree in a similar field to my undergrad. While the degree has been useful the first couple of classes I took seem remedial and a waste of time.

I don’t think you could go wrong with a MSIS…

9/08/2005 04:15:00 AM  

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