Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Geography on C-SPAN; World Population Data Briefed

I was relaxing in front of the television Tuesday evening watching C-SPAN coverage of a World Population Data briefing at the National Press Club from the Population Reference Bureau. They posted some interesting facts about the differences in the global population, especially disparages in the populations between "developed" countries and "undeveloped" countries. A specific examples noted the difference between Poland and Tanzania, where the Polish birth rate is 1.2 births per female, where in Tanzania it's some thing like 3... 4... Or, something larger than Poland's. They did note that the United States is the only "developed" nation with a growing, albeit slow, population. Being the geographer that I am, I feel like I don't pay much attention to world population and the factors that affect it. I guess I have been too wrapped up in the "visualization" of maps and the technical aspects that catch this geogeek's eye. Well, most people don't pay attention to the causes and effects that events have on the geographic aspects of the human species either. So, I think I'm ok. Yet that is where I think I have to grow as a young geographer. I need to look deeper into issues and identify the patterns that are causes and effects of issues related to the relationship of humans and the earth. I probably haven't taken my career development as serious as I probably should. I guess I will just have to change that. So, thank you C-SPAN for the motivation.


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