Wednesday, August 03, 2005

In the Bizarro Universe, The Planet is Spinning Backwards

I just cruised through my standard geography news sources, not the geoblogosphere, and came to the realization that post-UC, I am in the Bizarro World of geography this week. As I had thoughts dancing through my head that all the business deals that I had closed before I left for the UC were a done deal, but today I have come to find out that they are not. For example, people whom I provide info to just bagged ass to some company who is going to shake them down for crap. And I mean serious crap data. The stuff with peanuts. Which makes no sense at all either. I worked with these guys for a while. Keeping prices low and quality really high. Not to mention arranging cost sharing with other organizations... What's map jockey like me gonna do, eh? Then I found out that the gods of geography really don't choose sides. I just assumed that they were riding shotgun and using Spatial Analyst to help with their aim. Boy, I was so right, yet so wrong. Oh, and for herding cats. Someone just had another litter. Anyway... 'Nough complaining. Yes, it has been a slow week where I haven't been able to harvest my news and write up my real thougths on the UC due to meetings and classes, but it is more relaxing than last. One of the good things to come out of the UC is that I encouraged my new friend Mel and my old buddies at SANZ to start a geoblog. There's nothing there yet, but once they get started there should be some good stuff. [Insert free plug here.] I would recommend that you take a look at EarthWhere if you have a lot of data or metadata to organize for your company. It has some serious application potential for places like USGS, the City of Austin, or huge data piles like The Fantom Planet. I'll let Mel et al tell you about it later. As for me, read Ed Parson's note on how OS is mapping my summer dominion. As for you? You need to find a librarian to organize your life and your data.


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