Friday, August 12, 2005

Motorcycle Geography

If you're into geography, like to travel, and dig motorcycles, then Glen Heggstad's lifestyle is for you. His website called Striking Viking chronicles Glen's meandering motorcycle trips around the world. As a former Hell's Angel, it reads as if Glen has seen it all. According to the website and a CBS article, he was once captured by the rebel ELN group in Colombia. Talk about an experience that I would want no part of. I haven't read through all of the website and the corresponding book, Two Wheels Through Terror, but I think the majority of you would find it interesting. If you're into global motorcycle trekking, some of NASA's WorldWind users have developed and add-on that maps Ewan McGregor and Charlie Boorman's Long Way Round. It's a great book that beautifully paints the human and phyiscal terrain of Eurasia in the eyes of a group of motorcylists. As I was reading this book, I wanted to get up and get a bike myself. Then I realized that the cool part of the book is the challenge and struggle to be on the road in the middle of nowhere for so long. Which I have done, lived, and would rather not do again frankly. It's a good read that you should enjoy.


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