Friday, August 26, 2005

Office Inquires About Mt. Everest and K2

Recently someone in my office noted that they thought that they had read something about where scientists had determined the height of K2 to be higher than that of Mount Everest and asked me if this was true. I supposed they asked me because I was the only geographer they had ever met, but I offered to find out for them. So, I did what any other geographer would do... Look it up on the Internet. I'm not climbing Everest or K2. Nor am I buying commercial imagery to create an elevation model either. I have posts to write. I came up with this. Now, it looks like Everest is still higher. Although, with advances in geopositioning technology, these people state that Mt. Everest's height may need to be adjusted. Since I'm not climbing Everest or K2 soon. So, good luck to those who do the survey. If they find someone crazy enough to do the survey. Godspeed.


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