Tuesday, September 13, 2005


Whew! Good thing I checked my junk mail. I just received my reminder to sign up for "The Nation's premier Geospatial Intelligence Event:" [Under my breath] GEOINT 2005 I always laugh when I hear that abomination of a term the US Intelligence Community uses to describe what they think they do with geography. My personal feelings are that they seem to be missing the boat somewhere. I'm also not sure this is the greatest place for geographers in general. It's intelligence policy and numerous vendor demonstrations. If you look at the keynotes, you will notice that there's a disconnect. Of course there's the head of the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA), the deputy director for national intelligence, a former director of CIA, and numerous others from industry. "Numerous others from industry?" Hmm? Sounds like a sales convention. But there is a workshop! Ah, yes. The Advanced Geospatial Intelligence workshop. Pssst... That's remote sensing for you guys in the intelligence community. The fine purveyors of the conference ask you to, "Come participate in this two-hour workshop to hear about the USGIF Academy and NGA requirement for an Advanced Geospatial Intelligence Certificate. We are asking for academia input and participation in these activities and initiative." That was an actual quote from their webpage and not my bad grammar. If you graduated from a decent photogrammetery or remote sensing program, odds are... You're gonna have one of these already. So, um, I guess GEOINT isn't an entire bust, because... THERE'S THE GEOWALK EVENT! Which sports the finest open bar from our industry partners! Then again, I guess GEOINT is pretty awesome. [Scoff] Geography? Ha!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Try climbing down off the soap box and attend the GEOINT symspoium. You will attend the best technology, social, and thought-provoking conference ever. It makes AAG, ACSM, ASPRS, URISA, GETA, CALA, ESRI, GIS/LIS, Auto Carto, and so on all seem pale in comparison...and I have been to all of them. (and, oh by the way, AGI is not remote sensing.) And while I am at it, I have great familiarity with the remote sensing, photogrammetry, and geography programs of some of the finest academic programs...you need to ask them....even they are coming.

11/13/2005 08:52:00 PM  

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