Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Mapping Hardwood... Floors?

This past weekend I installed some new hardwood floors. Engineered hardwood. Which means that it has to be glued down on top of the cement floor that is the main level of my home. A funny thing about engineered hardwood, it can have soft spots that can crack and pop. Driving me somewhat crazier than I already am. So, to remedy the problem I am having the installers return to inject more glue. They came earlier this week and missed most of the soft spots. So, taking a cue from my archeologist buddies I used a little trick to find the rest of the soft spots. I got down on my hands and knees, and started knocking with my knuckles. The doppler effect takes affect here. Where the more solid sounding knock means there is adequate glue beneath the planks and the more hollow sounding knocks are where there needs to be more glue. I used Post-it Note flags to outline the areas where there needs to be more glue. You should see my floor! Just before I did take photos of my floor to orthorectify and start generating a GIS of the soft spots my wife stopped me. Noting that I wasn't at work and that I was geeking out. Holy crap! As always she's right. At least now, my floor people will know how to do their job.


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