Friday, September 30, 2005

MapPoint Web Service, Version 4.0 Features

I thought I would give Chandu some coverage for the new MapPoint Web Service version that he has just posted about. Via Chandu Thota's Weblog: MapPoint Web Service, Version 4.0 Features On September 12th we have released MapPoint Web Service, V4.0 with tons of new features and I totally missed on blogging this (been slammed with work - lame excuse!) So here is an overview of features:

  • Polygon Find and RenderNow you can perform powerful point-in-poly, poly-in-area, and property-query finds on user defined polygonal data such as their Sales Territories, Delivery Areas, Property Boundaries, etc.
  • Traffic IncidentsYou can find accidents, road closures, construction projects, and traffic-relevant incidents for over 70 US metro regions.
  • New Map OptionsNow you can render Line-Drive maps and Night style maps
  • Extended International CoverageNow you can find addresses in - New Zealand - Hong Kong - Singapore
  • Language ExpansionNewly supported languages include - Czech - Danish - Norwegian - Finnish
  • Find-related EnhancementsExtended match properties can help detect addresses much more accurately than earlier Score numbers and time-zone information
  • You can find the new SDK online at MapPoint Developer Center. You can also read the "What's new" section from the SDK for more details.
Finally, this release of the MapPoint Web Service is fully backward-compatible with previous version of the MapPoint Web Service (V3.5); so, your existing applications should continue to function as expected without changing or re-compiling the source code. Cheers!


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