Monday, September 05, 2005

When Research and Blogs Meet

I was reading up recently on the Avian Flu outbreak in Russia when it dawned on me that wrote a post on one of the flu-affected areas, Chelyabinsk. After reading the Sprol article on the region and the mass contamination from the Soviet-era nuclear industry, I began to wonder how anything actually could have survived there. Then I found it really interesting when I was reading news articles about infected H5N1 -- that's the avian flu strain -- poultry farms in the region and seeing on maps that a major Eurasian flyway goes directly through that part of the West Siberian Plain, which is flat wetlands that the Ob River goes through west of the Ural Mountains and between the Yenisei River. One would begin to suspect other happenings in this environmentally challenged area, but I'm not a epidemiologist or a Geiger counter.


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