Monday, October 10, 2005

Applied Geography Conference

Hmm? GEOINT, or, Applied Geography? Hmm? A great bit of thanks goes out to the folks over at VerySpatial, they noted that the Applied Geography Conference, November 2-5 in Washington, DC, was coming up. Hey! That's the same week as GEOINT in San Antonio! I would obviously tell you which one to go to: Applied Geography. Why? If you didn't read my gripe about GEOINT already, I suggest that you do. If you're a serious geographer, want to schmooze with real geographers, and learn something other than the status of NGA's pot-o-cash for the toolmakers (SAIC, Grumman, GD, Lockheed, ESRI, and any other company on the governments satellite information system payroll), then I suggest that you go to Applied Geography (AG). There at AG, you'll get a keynote from the State Department's director of Geography & Global Issues, you'll get to meet international dignitaries, some good topical sessions that actually relate to geography, and a field trip to the Library of Congress Map & Geography Division. All great stuff. So, if you're trying to decide what to do, I would definitely recommend AG. If you're going to GEOINT, pick me up a light up pen from Digital Globe, maybe another duck from the guys at SANZ, and please say hello to the keynote speaker for me and tell him he's in the wrong place.


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