Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Being Hard On My ESRI Rep

Today I reversed James' stance in his post about ESRI's marketing strategy for ArcExplorer 9.2... I asked my ESRI rep for a demo and they replied with, "What are you up to?" I apologize off the bat, I don't usually post these conversations, but here's what I laid out: "On the down-low: Getting the whole office in the Way-Back Machine and going back to 2005. You don't understand the impact that Google has made. Either you pull all of your advanced R&D out to curb this, or, ESRI is going to be Google's bi-otch. If ESRI can super-wham-a-dize ArcWeb and AE 9.2 to do all of the Google things people like (including cartographic display, which is what's killing you too) you will keep the Office as a full-fledged ESRI shop. Otherwise... Like I said, you're going to be holding hands with Google until Jack is gone and they buy you out. It's the non-geographer who will ultimately make this happen as Google, taking Harm de Blij's advice, re-invigorates America's geographic literacy of the world." Yes, harsh. But honest. I think they need to hear it sometimes. I did get the demo.

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