Wednesday, October 26, 2005

I Saw; Warsaw

When I praised Smogtown, this is what I was talking about. ArcExplorer 9.2. We all saw something at the UC planary, but that's not what I saw. And probably not what users saw in Warsaw. Ha ha. Anyway, this is my original note to James: Anyway, I saw a working pre-alpha version of AE 9.2. I guess it's not what was demo'd at the UC Planary. This thing is pretty slick. The epitomy of 'GIS Lite'. One question popped up when I heard that it has to take the 2D data and throw it into a 'globe cache' for it to get its 3D on. Otherwise, it rocks. Comes standard with an IP locator like VE, telephone location lookup, some kind of search, bookmarking, OGC compliant web service, AWS, IMS, GeoDB's. It takes it all in. I asked about KML/KMZ. They didn't know what the propriatary issues are, but ArcGIS Server can serve KML now. I wouldn't think that it would be an issue with AE. I did point out to the developers there the notion of hashing out GeoRSS readability too. So, the boys 'n' girls in Smogtown are doing some good. Of course, it won't be out until "1st Qtr CY06." Almost one full year after GE's release. Which makes me wonder about the "Google folks" and eveyone who has lined up for Arc2Earth tools and enterprise implementations.


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