Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Where ArcExplorer 9.2 Data May Come From

James and Ed are wondering where the data for ArcExplorer 9.2 will come from. Answer: The public offerings from ArcWeb Services. Although, ESRI is trying to figure out how to make moolah off of it. And ads don't work for ESRI either. I thought of this the night I saw AE: I would suggest open the API, which someone noted they might do. Then ESRI and commercial partners could liscense/sell custom-built tools for AE 9.2. Either a company buys the services of an ESRI person to build them an AE tool, or the singular geo-programmer writes one. Brian? Just imagine a MetaCarta plug-in with a digital Chinese phonebook and NavTeq data from AWS for AE. You'll finally know where all of those chins are in 3-D!


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