Thursday, December 15, 2005

The GIS War Finally Begins!

Way to go James. There you go again, blurting out the obvious. Now I have to stop the Herculoids from blogging. Well, it has officially begun, the GIS War that was bound to happen at some point between the ESRI and OGC user bases. James just happens to point out the obvious, and all y'all start the sh!tstorm that we knew was going to explode when it came down to open GIS and proprietary systems. We have the ESRI faithfull versus the open source fanatics, with the Google wonderboys in there somewhere, along with the ignorant. Although ESRI won the last low key battle against Intergraph and others, this time the GeoBlogosphere is involved where blogs and opinion are free as OGC standards. Sorry, Jack. You better dig deep and hit them where it hurts. Otherwise, those comments you made at Where 2.0 are really going to do you in financially. Now every ESRI rep is going to be walking with the fear of GOD in them. [GOD = GIS Open Design] Then again, I think of the comments by Google and Microsoft where they say ArcGIS is the shiz when it comes to building and managing data. . . I think ESRI need not fear.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for bringing a bit of humor to this GeoMullah.



12/15/2005 08:04:00 PM  

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