Wednesday, December 14, 2005

The Official Blogging Holiday Break

With the holidays upon us, no real good news—anywhere—and corporate blogging suckin' the life out any writing ideas; I've declared a planetary holiday on FANTOM PLANET. In my stead, I'm leaving posting up to the Herculoids. When I get back I'm sure we'll all be awaiting the release of ArcWeb and ArcGIS Explorer, along with the usual amazement of Google mashups. I suggest you keep reading your top geography blogs while I'm a way too. I have to go, Gleep wants to write about balkanization of geo-gulags. (Not geog-u-lags. Geog-u-lags are who the Herculoids have to fight next week in a cage match with the Mole Men.) Best Holiday Wishes, GeoMullah


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