Sunday, January 22, 2006

'Ambient Findability'

I just finished reading Ambient Findability by Peter Morville. What an interesting book that you all should read. It introduces to those of us with lacking or expert organizational skills the concepts about finding information and how hard it really is to find things. It also covers wayfinding, information architecture, and information overload. Thank you All Points and Very Spatial for the recommendation. The best quote in the book notes that I can paraphrase is, "information overload is more harmfull than smoking marajuana." I sure believe that statement. I'm an information burnout right now. No wonder why my college friends are rich savvy business persons; they did drugs, I did geography and GIS. You can catch an interview with Peter Morville on A Very Spatial Podcast episode #26.


Blogger Dan Karran said...

I found out about Ambient Findability through Amazon, who suggested it based on my previous buying patterns. It was a great book, and amazing that it was so findable - I didn't even have to look for it!

1/26/2006 01:52:00 AM  

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