Sunday, January 08, 2006

Finally, A Reason To Actually Listen To Podcasts & More

Well, it's been said that exercise can't be bad for you. . . Unless it kills you. So, the calendar work year began with two inspiring podcasts from BBC and NPR about geospatial technology and where it's going. The only reason I point them out is because I actually listened to them on my iPod while I ran on my spankin' new treadmill before I head off to the office. Listening while I'm hoofin' it is much better than sitting at my desk with 50 people walking in and out of my palacious cubicle while the podcasts play under the hum of my computer's power supply and the office's air conditioning. So, for all of you location and geospatial podcasters out there: Keep on crankin' out the hits. I'm finally listening to you. . . . More. . . The two podcasts that were on BBC and NPR on the 3rd have given me inspiration that my office management can be turned to the ways of location if "important people" keep saying things like: "Culture is changing and this is the future, now." It would also help if those same "important people" would start saying, "improve your neglected infrastructure for tomorrow; otherwise, it will break and your company will end up in the limbo." So, with that said, these are my goals this year:

  • Listen to more podcasts and read more original content blogs (while working out)
  • Attend some more conferences and make more business and academic contacts
  • Propose a "futures" group in my office
  • Propose to the company "The Setup" (Aligning our infrastructure for the future)
  • And, build something that's worthwhile with our partners that's going to change the way my office looks at place and time

And with that, I'm off to kick some. . . soccer balls.


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