Sunday, January 15, 2006

Pre-Ordering Google Map Hack Books

So, I have just placed an order for the two Google Map hack books that are coming out later this year. The first, Google Map Hacks by O'Reilly, and the second, Hacking Google Maps & Google Earth by Wiley. Both look to be pretty cool and useful for folks in my office. I have only one complaint for Amazon: "Why does it say in the shipping area of my order that I should receive this order by 15 May?" I could write a Google Map hack book by that time! Or, not. I hope they ship the books separately. Google Map Hacks sounds as if it will be out later this month. As for the Hacking Google Maps book, hurry up. I would like to compare the two. Anyway, I'll assume that they're the same books, but with different font. Although, I do like the O'Reilly Hack Series format slightly more than the Extreme Tech books by Wiley.


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