Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Two Things: Standards Meeting & The Best Org Chart I've Seen This Week

Today I attended the quarterly GWG meeting. It was pretty good. . . For a standards meeting. I do think a lot was accomplished by reviewing what was previously done in 2005 and setting goals for the working groups to create actionable results for the GWG participant community. Anyway, it was good to meet up with some of the other participants there again. I especially liked the discussions I had with the Chief Architect of OGC about their plans for implementing GeoRSS and other specifications. It should be exciting to see how people—who are not spatially addjusted—start to visualize information in the future with some of the future tools the CA and I talked about. Secondly. . . I saw the best darn org chart I've seen all week. Hal Reid's 14 February article had it. Makes sense to me and is the best representation of how information should flow in my organization. Anyway, I'm off tomorrow at the Metacarta Public Users Group in DC. Should be a good time. I get to see the new improvements they've made to their GTS and a few other user implementations. Oh, and this is a shout out to Brian Goldin and company at ESRI putting the finishing touches on the ESRI Developer's Meeting. From what I've read and heard from the peeps inside ESRI, it looks to be an excellent first run of an important get together. Play some kickball for me, yo.


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