Thursday, March 30, 2006

Not Much Going On Other Than This. . .

It's been a week or two since I last posted. There hasn't been anything new on my news front. The only few things of interest have been:

  • I talked to John Frank, CTO of MetaCarta, about map servers. That led to a quick note to Schuyler Erle about conferences to go to.
  • Had a standards meeting discussing ISO 19119 and a lack of implementations in my company. A good way to come up with reference implementations was to describe what a particular office's need for services and data are.
  • GeoRSS came up a lot. I'm trying to bridge the text-geospatial worlds, because there's a whole lot of space in text. (Yeah, I know. . . They're called picas.) So, I've been having discussions about Raj and company's work with colleagues around the world.
  • I've helped some friends out with some Google Earth projects using Arc2Earth.
  • Ron Lake invited me to GeoWeb 2006. I recommend you go. I'm not sure yet, the company hasn't thought it through yet.
  • Tomorrow, I think I get to hang out with Jack at ESRI in DC. Otherwise, I get to spend quality time with John Calkins talking shop.
  • Then there's other stuff that's going on. . . Like most of my colleagues being basically on paid vacation at work talking about their alma mater, George Mason, making the Final Four.
  • Unfortunately, I am not playing kickball this spring.
  • Plus, who needs to blog when everyone else is doing such a great job at it.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Look For Me On The Conference Circuit

I attend quite a few conferences. Keep an eye out for me.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Giving Advice To The Denver Post

Ooh, I've become popular like SPAM in Guam. I must say, it's great to get emails from reporters from the Denver Post asking what topics they should be covering in the business of GIS. This gives me carte blanc to trowl out the most deep dark secrets about our dark arts. So, what did I say, you ask? I told them I secretly pretend I'm Jack Dangermond when I landscape, and I pretend that I'm Bill Gates while I play XBox. But I don't pretend that I'm Surgey or Brin. The went to Standfurd. That's for my boy, Hoel. Actually, I told them to read Planet Geospatial like all of the smart kids.

Yoo-hoo! AAG GeoBloggers. . .

. . .Where are you? You're not here are you? Actually, what's going on? I haven't heard a peep out of you guys. I was hoping the VerySpatial peeps would be dishing it out, or at least the GeoNews feeds. Even they're dry. Must be all the elbow rubbing going on? Ah-ha! So, that's why they all wear elbow patches at AAG.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Obits: Luna B. Leopold, 90; USGS Hydrologist

Here at the Planet we believe that honoring those who contributed to the science of GIS, geography, and geoscience is important. So, this morning while reading the Washington Post, I came across the obituary for Luna Leopold, a former USGS hydrologist, who advanced the science of hydrography through his studies of watershed analysis and other associated statistical methodology. Luna Leopold's obiturary can be read on the Washington Post website.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Did Anyone Else Notice This About SideStreet

In the car skins, on the passenger side, even in the race car, there is an XBox360 controller. I don't want to read into this, but did you ever think that the MSFT team might be looking to create virtual marketplaces or real environments for Xbox games? The combination of VE with FlightSim, SideStreet, MapPoint, and other ongoing projects look as if they're moving towards an end goal that does create a real "virtual earth." The market isn't with us geogeeks, it's with the XBox crowd. And something that models real places lends to virtual street races, virtual gang fights, and other MMOG's. Plus, talking to my higher-up buddies at MSFT, they've said things like this previously.