Thursday, March 30, 2006

Not Much Going On Other Than This. . .

It's been a week or two since I last posted. There hasn't been anything new on my news front. The only few things of interest have been:

  • I talked to John Frank, CTO of MetaCarta, about map servers. That led to a quick note to Schuyler Erle about conferences to go to.
  • Had a standards meeting discussing ISO 19119 and a lack of implementations in my company. A good way to come up with reference implementations was to describe what a particular office's need for services and data are.
  • GeoRSS came up a lot. I'm trying to bridge the text-geospatial worlds, because there's a whole lot of space in text. (Yeah, I know. . . They're called picas.) So, I've been having discussions about Raj and company's work with colleagues around the world.
  • I've helped some friends out with some Google Earth projects using Arc2Earth.
  • Ron Lake invited me to GeoWeb 2006. I recommend you go. I'm not sure yet, the company hasn't thought it through yet.
  • Tomorrow, I think I get to hang out with Jack at ESRI in DC. Otherwise, I get to spend quality time with John Calkins talking shop.
  • Then there's other stuff that's going on. . . Like most of my colleagues being basically on paid vacation at work talking about their alma mater, George Mason, making the Final Four.
  • Unfortunately, I am not playing kickball this spring.
  • Plus, who needs to blog when everyone else is doing such a great job at it.


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