Saturday, April 15, 2006

GML To Work With ifcXML-IFC Soon

As geospatial peeps we know who OGC is. Or, at least we should. Well, in a press release earlier this week OGC signed a MOA with the International Alliance for interoperability (IAI). This MOA between the two organizations is to work to strengthen interoperability "between systems used by the building infrastructure community and the broader geospatial, architecture/engineering/construction (AEC) and information technology (IT) communities." That's a pretty good aim. "We map it, you build it, it all gets modeled together in GE/WW/AGX/Skyline/MapGrinder." I also wonder how this will play in with the Open Source Geospatial Consortium. Are we going to see the combination of GIS, LIS, and FM systems on one big globe soon?


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