Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Mapping the 'World Brain'

Believe it, or not, I actually referred to the Internet as the "World Brain" in a meeting this week. God! I've geeked out. Actually, I was talking to some researchers this week about quantatative analysis of the bloggospere and I brough up the reference, because as I keep going along this path of learning about social networks, societies, and semantics I see a pattern similar to the self organization of cells and biological entities. Especially, between images and research of the human brain itself and the Internet. Hence, "World Brain." Anyway, some of the researchers I spoke with said the "World Brain" isn't mature enough to quantify yet. I noted that it may never be. If the Internet and the bloggosphere are really like a brain, you can map the connections, but each experience in the brain is dynamically stored. There is no linear way to easily measure what someone is thinking otherwise, the CIA would have figured it out years ago and tin foil hats would all be the fashion today. This conversation brings me back to my noon-time geek-out sessions at NASA about processes of the brain. One of the researchers there, who is actually a real rocket scientist, noted that he read something about the brain working the quantile level. Or, I think, something about all the chemical and electric make up of how our brains works is based on quantum physics. I can't remember, but it has stuck with me for about three years now. So, I'm thinking of how biology scales into the small scale of the Internet and how to map it. I just wish I could get a PhD out of this hobby?


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