Saturday, June 10, 2006

Five Tips for Pixie Hunters

If you happen to be playing in this Monday's Pixie Hunt game before Where 2.0, here are five tips about scavenger hunts that I have learned over the years:

1) Aiding & Abetting. Don't open up the back door of a police car to let your team members out. You'll end up in there with them. 2) Booze is Currency. People will give, lend, or come along for the rest of the night if the the booze you're offering is cheap as free. 3) Dress Approprieately. Streaking down Market Street in San Jose might not be a task, but it just might happen if you don't dress appropriately. I recommend extra pairs of skivvies. 4) Bring as Many Quarters as You Can Find. You never know when you may have entered a foreign country. You can call home and pay off the federales. 5) Antispoofing. Watch out for spoofed messages. This is a technology conference for geographer-types. So, remember the first rule of cartography: "If you ain't cheatin', you ain't tryin'." If you get a note to find Jack Dangermond, you know it's from wasted Intergraph 2006 attendees like Colin Powell.


Anonymous Wilkens Micawber said...

Mr. Pixie Hunter: Check your gmail. I am letting your friends and colleagues know what you are up to.


6/12/2006 01:28:00 PM  

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