Friday, June 09, 2006

Leading Team 7 in Pixie Hunt

Ok, ok I volunteered for somethings at Where 2.0. 1) To be the captain of Team 7 of the Pixie Hunt; 2) I put in motion the geoblogger meetup. Boy, am I gonna be on the hoook to deliver. Now, I'm looking for some fun folks who like to get lost in strange towns for Team ("lucky number") 7. I have a habit of finding the local dives when I visit new towns and then getting lost on the way back to the hotel. I once got lost in Omaha and found out that I was in Lincoln. Then I ended up returning from Scotland with only one shoe, which my wife hates me bringing up. Anyway, you get the idea. So far, only Chris Spurgeon was signed up on Team 7, so you get to hang with a presenter. Now if I can only get Jeremey from Mapdex to sign-up and some others who I know are attending. BTW, I don't know if the team needs a name. Any suggestions? Then how's meeting up at Gordon Bierch at 7:30 on Tuesday 13 June? If WhereFair gets boring, bail on over to the geoblogger meetup and chat with us. (See map.) I thought to have it at The Lobby Lounge of the Fairmont, but I had already dumped the comment into Community Walk for Gordon Bierch, so I guess it could be there? Perhaps my mis-step could be a user requirement for CommunityWalk? We're going to have a good time. I look forward to meeting you. Update (11:02p 6/9): Crap! The Microformats BOF is also Tuesday night at 7:30. Maybe we should do the geoblogger meet up at The Lobby Lounge?


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