Thursday, June 01, 2006

Something Better Than MapCruncher?

As much fun as I've been having with MapCruncher, I think I saw something similar. . . But way better today. The serivices are from a company called Geosemble, and they're into get this:

  • Vector to Image conflation
  • Map to Image conflation
  • Image to Image conflation
  • Vector to Vector conflation
  • Integration of online data
And did I mention that it's automatic? Some pretty wicked awesome math to do this. But it looks great, and looks useful. Looks like it could cut a lot of costs for some companies who spend lots of time manually aligning parcel data to imagery. Again, it's a service, not a tool. . . yet. I'm looking forward to talking with the Geosemble team a little more about what they plan on doing and how they can help map the FANTOM PLANET. On a side note, Geosemble is made up of researchers from the University of Southern California's Information Science Institute. The same place a few MapCruncher team members came from. Actually, I thought one of the MapCruncher developers was from there, but after checking, no. I need to stop reading so many stinkin' webpages, they're getting mangled together in my head.


Blogger rotorical_man said...

This might be of interest then:

Printable version
U.S. Air Force Awards Map Fusion Contract to Geosemble Technologies

Geosemble Technologies Inc -

Geosemble Technologies, Inc., has won a contract from the US Air Force Office of Scientific Research to automatically extract and fuse information from maps with satellite imagery.

Under the phase I STTR contract, Geosemble Technologies in collaboration with the University of Southern California, will build upon established work to develop an approach to finding, registering, and extracting both textures and text from maps to support imagery analysis.

Key applications for the map-fusion technology include allowing users to automatically locate online maps, automatically align the maps with satellite imagery, and automatically extract the information contained in maps, such as the transportation networks, hydrographic layers, and the textual labels on the information. The resulting technology will allow a user to view a satellite image for any place in the world, automatically find and align the maps covering that region, and then overlay selected layers from the map to better understand the information shown in an image.

Users include military decision makers faced with vast amounts of map data and an insufficient number of intelligence analysts, as well as commercial market users in the real estate industry, the oil and gas industry, highway transportation, geological surveying, and other consumers of maps.

About Geosemble Technologies:

Geosemble Technologies provides innovative solutions for automatically and accurately fusing heterogeneous geospatial data sources such as maps, satellite imagery, aerial imagery, gazetteer points, and vector data (e.g., road networks). The company designs, deploys and supports an array of software and service solutions focused in two key areas: Automatic Feature Extraction, including the automatic extraction of features from satellite imagery, aerial imagery, and maps; and Geospatial Data Fusion, including automatic fusion and alignment of geospatial data including satellite imagery, manned and unmanned aerial imagery, maps, and vector data.


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