Monday, June 12, 2006

Strange Things on Way to Where

This morning, whew, lemme tell you something about TSA. . . So, I find a knife on the floor of the airport while waiting in the security line. After several attempts to get the attention of contractors who check your tickets and TSA agents, I finally kicked the knife across the floor over to a TSA agent who wasn't paying attention. Wrong move. Suddenly, the A/V spaztastic team whips up into a frenzy and points me out at the culprit who "tossed" the knife at an agent. Uh-oh. So, they ask me if the knife was mine, where did I get the knife, who gave me the knife, why did I throw the knife? All in about ten seconds. So, I told them the truth. "I've been waiting in line for fifteen minutes to have you come over to me to get the knife. I was shouting," seriously I was, "Hey, TSA. There's a KNIFE on the floor!" So, they stick me in the holding pen, I get the full search. And I still get questioned! Go figure? Ah, travel.


Blogger Jeremy said...

Wow....That is a great story. If that can happen to you then I am really scared.


6/12/2006 05:00:00 PM  
Anonymous GeoDruid said...

Well, I tell ya, it's like this.


if you don't, he's the guy who pointed out the bomb to the FBI during the Olympics in Atlanta.
Oh ya, Jennifer says, you'
re flagged and the way back isn't going to be any fun either.....tell me of the probes wise one....the probes....and the jelly

6/13/2006 04:35:00 AM  

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