Sunday, June 04, 2006

Targeted by Marketing Departments: Part Two

I see that the Canadian Cartographic Association's blog bit on same email from the Idelix marketing department that I and others received earlier in the week. Am I bitter? (Because perhaps I sounded bitter before.) No. Actually, as always with all pliable lens technologies: I'm impressed. Especially with it's application to the G/M/Y maps. And I know some of the Idelix peeps. Although, what is Idelix trying to do here with a PLT for slippy maps, make money? Because, yes, we're wowed that you took all three slippy maps, mashed them together, and scripted a PLT for them. Anyway, just look at Mapstraction and FlashEarth. They're working on similar mashups as Idelix. Now what are we supposed to do with the Idelix mashup now that we've marketed their mashup for them? Are companies interested in buying your services? Is someone supposed to hack your PLT hack and make their own type of PLT hack for their own collaborative atlas? Which brings me to another question: Are javascript hacks really able to pattented? Idelix says that their PLT technology is pattented. Is it for the mashup? I don't know. Perhaps that includes a follow-on email? Could someone build the same thing out of the ether if they really knew what they were doing with javascript? Then not get sued? Again, as always, I don't know. I'm not a lawyer.


Anonymous CCAer said...

Yeah . . . I kind of wondered too when I received an email from them touting their new product. I also wondered if perhaps I was doing their marketing for them but I took a look and felt it was interesting enough to post about. I've gotten other similar emails that I haven't simply because I felt that it didn't warrant the attention. I understand your predicament. All of us bloggers are in the same boat.

6/04/2006 03:47:00 PM  

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