Saturday, June 03, 2006

Targeted by Marketing Departments

I don't know about the other geobloggers out there, but yesterday I received an email from the marketing department of a geospatial technology company to try out and blog about their product. Does anyone else get these? Something initially felt wrong about it——being targeted and all to pimp someone's wares. Then I thought, "hey, this isn't so bad. Do I actually have street cred that a pretty successful technology company would want me to review their stuff?" It's kind of nice to have that reputation, I guess? Still, I would rather write about interesting things I discover or have an interest in. Perhaps it's that "push––pull" concept that I'm wrangling with? I don't mind the nudges from time to time, but it worries me that I'm going to be a target for everyone and their mother to spam me with emails asking me to sell their kitchen sink. Anyway, I don't know? It's been a long week.


Anonymous Sean Gillies said...

Sounds like the one I got, and if my little snarky niche blog got it, I bet every other listed on Planet Geospatial got it too.

6/03/2006 07:20:00 AM  
Anonymous Vector One said...

Just to let you know. Most magazine and online editors get 100's of them a month..and they sift and sort through them, seeing what is what.

I think marketing folks are trying to figure out the playing field with respect to blogs like everyone else. Just a suggest, but one company is not the issue in as much as people need to to sort this issue out more fully.

If you took or on any given day, how much do you think is marketing? Can you identify it?

This is just my opinion, but RSS will continually run against marketing, because different people see different things in posts and messages.

6/04/2006 03:56:00 PM  

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