Thursday, June 08, 2006

Where 2.0: Pixie Hunt

Next Monday, 12 June, the evening before the Where 2.0 conference, there's a little game going on for attendees. It's called Pixie Hunt. I just received the email with all the info for the game and to start finding a team of five others. This is my shout out to the Pixie Hunt gamers who haven't found a home yet. I would like to ask them, "can I join your team?" I swear, the GeoMullah is a ringer. I used to be "man about Waikiki" a few years ago, and I'm sure the San Jose area is easy to make my way through. So, if there are any geobloggers who are playing let me know. We'll meet up and not only win. But win big, big, big! Plus, I need a team so I can start talking smack to the other teams. It only makes it more fun that way.


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