Thursday, July 27, 2006

An Interview with

A few months back I came across and their T-shirts. You may have noticed one of their shirts that says, "I survived a NAD shift?" Well, I was intrigued as to who these budding GIS entrepreneurs were. So, I asked if they could answer five questions for FANTOM PLANET about their business so we could learn more about them. 1. What's your most popular selling tee?

The "NAD83 We're not in Kansas anymore", "Raster Master", and "Never Make Cartographers Mad. They'll tell you where to go and draw you a map" t-shirts are our best selling shirts.
2. How much product are people buying?
We're really just getting started. Business has been steadily picking up, and GIS enthusiasts have started to report sightings of our shirts.
3. What sparked the idea to create GIS themed t-shirts?
While on vacation at the beach, I was listening to some GIS training materials on my laptop, and I was forcing my husband (who is now a GIS convert) to listen with me. While we were listening, he said, "You know, I'd really like to have a t-shirt that says 'I survived a NAD Shift.' That would be pretty funny." I replied, "Well, why don't you get one?" That began a brain storming session for other funny GIS sayings to put on shirts. By the end of the week, we considered ourselves quite witty and were convinced that others would like our shirts as well.
4. Where can others submit their witty GIS slogans for your store? (Personally, I've always wanted to make a t-shirt that said, "Map Pimp.")
Several fans have submitted ideas to us by emailing the store. All of them have made us laugh, and we plan to use several of them in the future. We will soon add a submissions page to make it easier for visitors to submit suggestions.
5. Will you be expanding if business picks up into other areas such as embroidered hats and polos, coffee mugs, mouse pads, stress balls? You know the types of toys GIS professionals mess around when their data is processing.
Definitely. We are currently getting ready to offer coffee mugs and mouse pads.
There you have it, your five questions from Leslie and Robert at Now go by one of their t-shirts.


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