Saturday, July 29, 2006

Multimedia Geotagger: BlockRocker

I was going through the Flickr geotagging group's discussions looking for another geotagger for my pics—since is now gone—I came across BlockRocker. This thing is pretty cool for the following things you can geotag:

  1. Flickr Photos
  2. YouTube Videos
  4. Any website using a bookmarklet
  5. Your blog posts using Technorati tags
It's something that's pretty handy if you think of it. The BlockRocker developers have understood that "something happens somewhere" and they've built a tool that helps to locate where something happens. BTW, I need to bring this thing into work. I have so much junk to locate, it's just crazy! Give BlockRocker at whirl and then decide for yourself if it's cool or not.


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