Friday, August 11, 2006

Finally. . . A Summary!

Believe it or not, I think this is one of the better UC's that I've been to. Even though I've heard Jack's schpiel all year-long since the FedUC, I think there were a number of new things that I have learned and people who I got to meet. Plus, this was the first year that I got to present on a panel and my 8:30 session was packed. Feedback was in the four-and-a-half (out of five) region and people who attended said they reeeeaallly enjoyed the session. Hard to believe I was a part of that, but what the heck? My boss was in the crowd. Well, I ran into a number of people who work on geospatial analysis and data generation like myself. At times finding out that we have similar or overlapping projects and studies going on. So, the plan is when we get back is to pass notes back and forth and start collaborating via that GeoWeb Jack mentioned in the Planary. As for technology this year on the exhibit floor, I have one comment: "Where was the innovation this year?" Everyone who was on the floor was hocking the same stuff as last year with no big changes. It seemed like the only one who had something interesting to demo or show was ESRI with ArcGIS Server and ArcWeb Explorer and the 9.2 server-based programs. In many of my discussion with others, the number one topic that came up was about the findability of data. I work with other analysts and GIS professionals, and largely in a poorly constructed production system. . . Which is "anything goes." Anyway, now people are getting ticked off because they waste time finding data that others produce or have. Plus, the fact that so much of their resources are spent on trying to find information, would probably be my number one concern too. The only complaint I'm going to have about the UC is that a number of the presenters and session members never showed. What kind of crap is that? If any of you ditched your sessions, shame on you. Now for the important stuff. . . I'm going to write a thank you to Rob Painter and Noah Doyle of Google Earth a thank you letter, but I would like to say to them here, "Thank you, guys. You're awesome for sponsoring the GeoBlogger meetup. I think everyone who attended appreciated your generosity, your interest in us, and just your presence at the conference." Actually, while talking to Rob yesterday, he said that I need to look no further than him as a sponsor for next year too. So, once again, "Rob you're the man!" Also, a shout out to Rebbeca, Damien, and Erika at Mister Tiki's Mai Tai Lounge. Rebecca and Damien helped with the reservations and Erika did a great job of serving us. The one thing that really amazed me was the turn out for the GeoBlogger meetup. We had bloggers, but we had about four or five readers too. Totally awesome! I realized after the readers showed up and I was concerned with party crashers, that I need not worry. So, I appologize if I came across as tough when I asked, "Who the heck are you?" Otherwise, you guys are great! Thank you for coming, and I hope to see you at the next shindig. Best acronym of the conference. . . U.S. Army General Honre, who was in charge of the Katrina response last year, had the best quote of the UC. "TOPS: Take Other People's Shit." Because that's what he did to respond to Katrina, especially using GIS as a decision support tool to search and move people to safety. Good job, sir. Now it's time to end this trash. I hope you all get home safely and don't have any problems traveling.


Blogger Dave Smith said...

Hey, Mullah! I missed out on the GeoBlogger meetup, and am still trying to get caught up from this whirlwind week. It was definitely no vacation, as I ended up working my butt off even as trying to attend the sessions and going to the many parties.

Awaiting my flight home from SD now.

Yep, ArcGIS Server was my focus... But we have to walk the path carefully.

8/11/2006 04:18:00 PM  
Anonymous Danny said...

Mullah, I was one of the readers who made it to the GeoBloggers meet up. I just wanted to say it was a great time and I really enjoyed meeting everybody. We even came back with the inpiration to start our own blog at FGDL. Thanks!

8/14/2006 02:54:00 PM  

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