Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Not Really a Blunder; Still Strange

Red Ground commented in my previous post that the ESRI International User Conference is planned WAY in advance.

  • 2007 June 18–22
  • 2008 August 4–8
  • 2009 July 13–17
  • 2010 July 12–16
So mark your Google Calendar. Glenn from GISUser said something about renting a bus to head up to San Jose from the UC next year. I don't know if taking a bus on I-5 is a cool idea. I mean, Los Angeles is in the way, plus there's that smelly stockyard on the way. If you're going to try the San Diego to San Jose trek, I would recommend taking the train. Sure, a little longer maybe, but the scene would be better along the coast.


Anonymous James Fee said...

I'm guessing that the UC is planned out so far is that they need to reserve the San Diego Convention Center. If they had it at the San Bernardino Hilton, I'm sure they'd have more flexibility as they would be the big fish. Even with all those "millions" of GIS nerds, the UC probably isn't that large of a conference compared to some (Comic Con or whatever that thing is called is probably the biggest), heck the San Diego Quilt Show brings in 6,000.

8/23/2006 06:25:00 AM  

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