Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Easy Way from IMS to MapServer (or Ka-Map?)

Just another ignorant question fueled by the existence of Datum Shift:

"How do I migrate from ArcIMS to MapServer or to Ka-Map? Is there a utility to "easily" convert AXL to MapScript?"
Seriously, though, I had a bad day with ArcGIS. It may have been my three year haitus from GIS? It may have been gremlins? But whatever it was yesterday, it sucked. I tried to export a project to PDF, GeoPDF, and even AI for printing and all I got was a self-closing version of ArcGIS. (Steve had a similar issue yesterday too.) This all happened late yesterday and my ESRI rep was able to recommend something that required a ScanDisk and a defragment. So, I put the wheels in motion last night before I left the office. Hopefully, this morning what I did worked. Oh! The other thing that confused the hell out of me and some colleagues was: measuring the area of GRID rasters in ArcMap. I know that I need to use the Zonal Statistics tool, but I needed to convert the Grids to something else. Anyway, long story short, a friend hacked it out for me and got my area measurement. Note to ESRI for 9.3 & 10.0 devleopment: The above—Not as easy as it should be.


Anonymous dylan said...

nice post. ths summarizes many of my frustrations with their software: mysterious crashes, and too much effort required for the simplest of tasks. As soon as there is an opensource methods for *quickly* producing nice maps they are going to have something to worry about. Until then GMT is my cartographic tool of choice.



10/24/2006 09:41:00 AM  

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