Sunday, October 08, 2006

Metacarta Lab's Map Rectifier

Chris Schmidt announced the Metacarta Lab's new Map Rectifier tool that is online this week. I actually uploaded a map and warped it. I must say this thing is wicked awesome—another capability of online geoprocessing that I've talked about. The implications are pretty enormous when it comes to uploading images of maps (scanned or photographed) then have the ability to match up some control points to rectify your map. It's just plain cool. I know there will be skeptics out there, like there was with Microsoft's MapCruncher, when it comes to accuracy. I think it's going to be obvious that rectifying maps with this shouldn't be used for boundary disputes, rather incorporating information that was available and not in a good format into a WMS that can be read by most GIS and geo-browsers. Anyway, this thing is cool. I'll see what I can contribute in the future. Last time when MapCruncher came out, I spent two weeks of my free time rectifying maps. I swear, I was addicted.


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