Thursday, October 26, 2006

A friend of mine at NYU's Interactive Telecommunications Program sent me the link last night to Another pretty cool collaborative atlas that is intended to link and build communities through the web. So, what is Author and site founder, Steven Johnson, explains in his blog:

"So what is In a phrase, it's an attempt to collectively build the geographic Web, neighborhood by neighborhood. I wrote up a mini-essay describing the original inspiration for the site, and explaining some of our core principles, which I've included below. But you can also just go visit the site and explore..."
Some of those principles are (which sound like they came from me):
  1. The natives know best.
  2. The post's location is more important than the blogger's location.
  3. Neighborhoods are more important that maps.
  4. Geo-tags are only the beginning.
  5. Local news often has a long-shelf life.
I think the Team has their principles spot on. Plus, they acknowledge the fact they can improve on how they live up to their site's principles and that there are even more principles. So, if you want to build your local community through the web, is a tool to do so.


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